Hydropath Marine Ltd

Hydropath Marine Ltd. was established to introduce the shipping industry with an advanced and long established water treatment technology by Hydropath, which for the last three decades provides worldwide land based industries with water treatment solutions. Hydropath Marine Ltd offers low maintenance costs and environmentally friendly solutions for water treatment on board, in comparison with the existing solutions, which are essentially based on chemical treatment and at times involve intensive labor and man hours for cleaning.

As an alternative, applying Hydropath Marine Ltd systems, designed for purpose, will protect your vessel from limescale accumulation and biofouling, saving the ship owner substantial costs for chemicals and labor, whilst protecting the crew members from exposure to noxious chemicals, let alone the fact that it will hinder the penetration of pungent materials into the marine environment.

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The Technology

Find out about the technology behind Hydropath Marine systems.


Prevent limescale precipitation and reduce maintenance costs and labor hours with a simple installation of Hydropath Marine system on your vessel.


Reduce biofaouling on your vessel using Hydropath Marine's enviornment friendly technology.